Sales agreement


General terms

Approved on: 16.11.2015

General terms (hereinafter - the  Terms) of the Sales agreement (hereinafter - the  Agreement) govern the general conditions of purchase transaction between SIA ''SLO Latvia” (hereinafter -  SLO) as a seller and any SLO client (hereinafter - the  Client) as a purchaser.
SLO and the Client (hereinafter both jointly - the  Parties) in addition to these Terms can agree on specific conditions of cooperation (hereinafter - the  Special Conditions), which contains distinct provisions provided by SLO and approved by the Client.
The Terms and the Special Conditions are an integral part of the Agreement. All documents developed on the basis of the Terms and Special Conditions are considered to be integral part of the Agreement.
SLO has the right to make amendments in the Terms or supplement them, by informing about it the client electronically at the contact address indicated in the Special Conditions. The up-to-date version of the Terms is available on the SLO’s webpage and is applicable without separate written agreement of the Parties.

2.1. In order agree on specific additional provisions, the Client sends a request (hereinafter - the  Request) to the SLO on the address: for the preparation of the Special Conditions and conclusion of the Agreement. Upon receiving the Request, SLO can request from the Client the necessary information for the preparation of the Special Conditions.
2.2. SLO prepares a Special Conditions' offer for a particular period of time or for the particular Client’s order, on the basis of the Request and information provided by the Client.
2.3. In the case Special Conditions are prepared the Agreement comes into force as of the moment when the authorised representatives of the Parties have signed the Special Conditions. Upon coming into force of the Agreement the Client makes the order(s), in accordance with the procedure described in the Terms.
2.4. If the Parties do not conclude the Special Conditions, the Parties shall be governed solely by these Terms, as well as the legislation of the Latvian Republic.

3.1. The Client orders goods by submitting to the SLO a written order (hereinafter - the  Order), specifying goods, their quantity, place of delivery (if not indicated then delivery take place in SLO’s warehouse).
3.2. Not later than the next the day of the receipt of the Order, SLO approve the registration or reject the Order, if the Order cannot be executed.
3.3. If, taking into consideration the content and the value of the Order, SLO can provide to the Client more favourable prices, a respective SLO commercial offer (hereinafter –the  Commercial Offer) is sent to the Client on the next working day following the registration of the Order or other agreed period. Unless provided otherwise in the Commercial Offer, it is valid for 30 calendar days. In this case the Order is deemed as settled on the day, when the Client accepts the Commercial Offer.
3.4. If it is not possible to make a Commercial Offer to the Order, the Order is formalised by applying prices provided in the catalogues.
3.5. Performance of the Order is binding on the SLO from the day when the Client’s Order is registered and/or conformation of the Commercial Offer is received.
3.6. If the accepted Order cannot be technically implemented and fulfilled, SLO will inform the Client of it immediately. Performance of such Order is not binding on the SLO.
3.7. After making of the Order the Client does not have the right to refuse purchase of the goods, unless a mutual agreement of the Parties on cancellation of the Order is reached.
3.8. If the Order contains goods that are not readily available at the SLO warehouse, SLO, confirming the Order, has right to define different end delivery term for such goods, as well as provide for the Client the obligation to make full or partial prepayment of such Order.
3.9. If the Client refuses from the Order after registration of the Order, which is approved in accordance with the Clause 3.5 of the Terms, or does not take goods within 3 calendar weeks from the SLO notice regarding arrival of the goods at the SLO warehouse, the Client loses the right to the paid prepayment and SLO keeps it as compensation for loses. In case the Client has not made a prepayment, SLO has the right to request a compensation for losses in amount of 20% of the Order's amount, wherein it is considered that these losses have been incurred and SLO is released from the obligation to prove the existence of losses and its calculation.
3.10. Parties agree to avoid disclosing information and data of confidential nature (including content of the Client's order or SLO Commercial offer) to the 3rd parties. Parties an use the aforementioned information only for the aims provided in these Terms.

4.1. Prices of the goods offered by SLO are provided in catalogues available at
4.2. Taking into consideration the contents and the value/quantity of goods in the Client's Order, SLO is entitled to express a Commercial Offer with prices differing from the ones provided in the catalogue. However the prices provided in such Commercial Offer are applicable only to the products provided in it (the specifications and quantity) and are only binding, if the Client has accepted it within the term provided by SLO.
4.3. If SLO does not provide a special Commercial Offer the prices provided in the catalogue valid on the day when the Client's Order is made shall apply.
4.4. SLO retains the right to make changes in the prices provided in the catalogues at any time, as well as any other changes in the catalogues in relation to the information about goods. The changes do not apply to already approved Orders.

5.1. Unless provided otherwise in the approved Offer, delivery of the Order is made in accordance with the routes developed my SLO (available on SLO webpage) and the time for delivery starts running in accordance with the provisions of the Clause 3.5 of these Terms.
5.2. Orders which amount exceeds EUR 400 (four hundred) excluding value added tax, in the territory of Latvia are delivered free of charge. Parties agree separately on the price for the delivery of the Orders in amount lower than the aforementioned one.
5.3. If the Parties have agreed that the Client will receive ordered goods from SLO warehouse, the Client is under the obligation to take them within the term provided in the Order, or, if it is not specified, then within 3 (three) weeks after receiving the SLO notice regarding arrival of the goods at the SLO warehouse.
5.3.1. If this term of receipt of the Order is not observed, SLO is entitled to charge the costs of keeping the Order in the warehouse for each such day of delay – EUR 0,25 (twenty five euro cents) for each occupied m2 of the warehouse.
5.3.2. If the Client hinders receipt of the Order, SLO has the right to apply a contractual penalty in amount of 20% of the Order's amount and to dispose of the Order at its discretion, including rights to dispose the Order or goods to third parties for free price and to request from the Client the difference between purchase price of goods specified in the Order and amount obtained in result of disposal.
5.4. SLO retains the right to suspend the delivery of the Order, if the Client has not fully paid the agreed delivery prepayment amount stated in the Special Conditions, or, if the Client is late on paying invoices issued by SLO, or the credit limit provided to the Client in the Special Conditions has been exceeded or can be exceeded as a result of the delivery of the Order.
5.5. In case of executing a non-standard Order, where the length of the cargo to be delivered exceeds 6 m, or in case of delivery of heavy cargos, when special unloading equipment is required, or in case of measuring long cables, Parties agree on the delivery terms separately.
5.6. In cases when for the fulfilment of the Order the loading or unloading of goods requires special equipment, SLO such costs are added to the price of the Order.
5.7. SLO and the client must inform the other Party immediately about the possibility that the delivery/receipt of the goods could be delayed, as well to inform about the reasons for the delay and the new delivery/receipt date.
5.8. Delay in the planned delivery, if notified to the Client does not give the right to the Client to bring claims against SLO nor to revoke the Order.

6.1. The delivery and acceptance of the supplied goods is formalised by mutual signing a bill of lading.
6.2. The Client in the Order indicates a person that is entitled to accept the goods, at the address indicated by the Client or at the SLO warehouse, and sign the documents on receipt of the goods. If a specific person, entitled to accept the goods, is not indicated in the Order, SLO is entitled to submit the goods to any Client's representative without a special authorisation for it.
6.3. Upon receipt of the goods the Client must carefully examine, whether the goods, their quantity, equipment and labelling are in accordance with the invoice for the goods, and whether goods (the packaging) don't have external damages.
6.4. By signing the invoice for the goods, the Client confirms the compliance of the goods with the provisions of the Clause 6.3 of the Terms, and undertakes not to raise any claims regarding the confirmed goods.
6.5. In case of noncompliance of the goods (with quality requirements and/or technical specifications) the Client has right to return or exchange good, according to the provisions determined in the Section 7 of the Terms.
6.6. By signing the invoice for the goods all risk related to damaging goods, loss of the products or destruction and the responsibility for storing goods is transferred to the Client.
6.7. If the Client procures the products with an aim of selling it further to the subjects of the  Consumer rights protection law the Client undertakes full responsibility in respect of consumers in relation to their claims regarding nonconformity of the goods.

7.1. By mutual agreement between Parties, the Client may return the goods back to SLO for pre-agreed return value, which in this case will reduce the Client’s payment obligations towards SLO. Return of goods is possible only if agreed with the SLO sales manager; otherwise the Client's obligation to pay is not reduced.
7.2. Responsible for the costs of transportation for return of the products is that Party who returns the goods. The delivery must be accompanied with a return bill of lading in which following information must be indicated: (i) name of the person, with whom the return has been agreed upon; (ii) reason for returning; (iii) correct name and quantity of the goods; (iv) number of the SLO’s bill of lading or invoice; (v) the number of the Order.
7.3. The return will be accepted only goods, which are suitable for resale and are in the manufacturer's original packaging.

8.1. The Client undertakes to pay SLO for the Order in accordance with the invoice or the bill of lading issued by SLO in compliance with the payment conditions and terms provided in the Special Conditions or the Order.
8.2. SLO has the right to request from the Client full or partial prepayment invoice before prior to completion of the Order or before transferring the goods to the Client.
8.3. The Order is deemed as paid up on the day when the payment arrives and SLO's bank's current account or when a cash payment is made.
8.4. If the Client fails to pay the invoice in the prescribed term, SLO is entitled to request and receive from the Client default interest 0,2% of the delayed amount for each day of delay. In this case payments received from the Client will first be transferred to cover the payment of interest, then towards payment of the principal debt.
8.5. In the case of payment default SLO has the right to refer the case for debt recovery to such service providers (  Merkants Inkaso SIA or other). In such case the Client shall reimburse to SLO the costs related to provision of such services.

9.1. SLO retains the property rights of the goods until complete fulfilment of the Client's payment obligations. Until the Client has not paid for the goods, it is not entitled to alienate them or encumber them with rights in rem. The Client undertakes all risks and responsibility related to storage, possession, oversight and/or usage of goods from the moment of delivery of the goods, in accordance with the applicable Incoterms rules, and as of that date undertakes full responsibility for damages caused to the goods.
9.2. The Client undertakes all necessary measures to protect SLO property rights. The Client undertakes to inform also third parties regarding SLO's retention of rights to title. It is forbidden to pledge the goods, which are owned by SLO without the SLO’s consent.
9.3. SLO may prohibit the Client from setting up or alienating the goods that are property of SLO. If the goods are processed, installed or built-in in other equipment or facilities, SLO owns a pledge right over such equipment or facilities until the goods are fully paid.
9.4. For the violation of property rights cause by the Client, SLO is entitled to request from the Client to compensate losses, as well as a contractual penalty 20% in the amount of the Order and/or to suspend the execution of other orders.

10.1. If noncompliance of the goods with quality requirements and/or technical specifications is found, the Client immediately sends to SLO a written notice indicating the incompliance or defect of goods included in the Order, the number of the Order and number of bill of lading, adding a non-compliant / defective goods.
10.2. SLO consider the Client’s notice within the shortest possible period of time and inform the Client whether the notice is justified. If the notice is justified, the SLO inform the Client about replacement of the non-compliant / defective product or reimbursement of the value of goods.
10.3. The goods, whose flaws have incurred after their handover to the Client, and, especially, if the flaws were easily noticeable at the moment of their handover to the Client, will not be replaced and SLO will not compensate for their value.
10.4. At any event, the responsibility of SLO for the flaws, defects and inconsistency of the goods to the specification is limited to the respective value of the defective and/or inconsistent goods or the replacement of the goods, and SLO shall not be liable to the Client or third parties for any direct or indirect damages based on the aforementioned.
10.5. The goods delivered by SLO are covered by the effective warranty of quality in the extent and term as specified by the manufacturer of the goods. The expiry of the warranty term is determined counting from the day of handing over the goods to the Client, however, the warranty shall be effective only when the Client has complied with all of its payment obligations against SLO.
10.6. Each of the goods are subject to the warranty provisions determined by its manufacturer (can be found at the manufacturer's website or gotten by special request).
10.7. The Client must timely acquaint with the manufacturer's warranty terms. Upon making the Order, the Client accepts the manufacturer's warranty terms. SLO is not responsible for fulfilment of the manufacturer's warranty provisions. The warranty is valid only if the product warranty provisions, particularly in respect of the use and installation.

11.1 Neither Party shall be liable for non-performance or delay in performance of any obligation provided for in this Agreement if the non-performance or delay is caused by Force Majeure, including amendments to international treaties, laws, binding regulations of the central or local government, or international organizations/institutions and other normative acts, decisions of the central or local government, fire, natural disaster, strike, military aggression, riot, or other circumstances beyond the control of the Parties which have not occurred as a result of direct or indirect performance or non-performance of the Parties.
11.2. The Party affected shall give a written notice to the other Party advising of the occurrence of the event of Force Majeure and the Parties shall agree on further cooperation.
11.3. If performance of any obligation of either Party provided for in this Agreement is delayed in full or part due to Force Majeure or meeting of the said obligations becomes impossible for a period of more than 90 days, either Party may terminate the Agreement.

12.1. Each Party have the right to terminate the Agreement unilaterally in case of liquidation, reorganisation, insolvency or in case of initiation or proclamation of legal protection process to the other Party, as well as when the other Party commits material breach of the Agreement and within 30 days after sending a written complaint has failed to prevent the violation.
12.2. If the Client terminates the Agreement in relation to a violation of SLO, then SLO reimburses the direct losses of the client incurred as a result of breach of contract, but not more than 10% of the price of the unperformed Order.
12.3. Neither of the Parties shall be liable for indirect damages, such as: loss of production, unearned income or anticipated savings.
12.4. Any disputes and disagreements that may arise or will arise between the Parties during the execution of the Agreement the Parties shall settle by mutual negotiations. In case settlement of the dispute cannot be reached in this way, the dispute, arising out of the Agreement (the Terms and/or the Special Conditions), will be decided at the complaining Party's choosing either in the court of the Republic of Latvia or at the Baltic International Arbitration Court (Gertrude Street 7, Riga, LV-1010) in accordance with the Rules of the said Arbitration, by one arbitrator, in Latvian language, applying the laws of the Republic of Latvia.
12.5. Should any of the Terms set out herein contravene the provisions set out in the Special Conditions, the provisions of the Special Conditions shall prevail.